Kelsie's Life On The Farm

Please sit back and enjoy the storys of my life with my Family, Friends and Horses/Animals :)

 All About Leonardo... My beautiful Chestnut  Arab pony!!!!


Leo Is my very cute little chestnut Arab pony. I have now had Leo for nearly 2 years and we have shared many great times (and as always the bad times as well :) he has changed so much since I have had him. before I got him he was in pretty poor condition and he was very scared of people for he has had a few bad experience when he was young such as.... a girl about 12years old almost had to feed him back to life for he had been that badly treated but, the little girl that fed him back to life had him for about 7 years and they grew a wonderful relationship together. He was used for hooning and since he is an Arab that explains a lot as well. He was sold on to  another lady, but she had lost her confidence as she had a really bad fall (not on Leo) so Leo got put in a little pen as he got picked on by her mares as she breed Arabs and didn't get much attention. He is now a beautiful loving and quite a bubbly pony and he is much loved. I started doing eventing on him ( which is, dressage, show jumping and X country) and he has been doing really well in that but unfortunately he had a hip injury before we got him that we didn't know about till now so he has mostly been used for Trail riding, hooning, games, and just having a great time. Leo was the first Horse/pony I have ever owned.  We have both taught each other so much. Leo has been a great companion for me and I have really enjoyed him and the joy he has shared with me. Leo is know about 16 - 18 years old but he still has a lot of life left in him and believe me you wouldn't believe that he was that old. He has really enjoyed all the attention that he has got here such as physio massages, brushes, and shampoos and of course Lots of cuddles

and kisses :) I love Leo to bits and look forward to the many more years we share together


All About Livey My beautiful liver chestnut Thoughbread Mare !!!


I brought Livey coming up 6monts and boy has that gone fast. Livey has such a wonderful sweet nature and wouldn't hurt a fly :) I love her to bits and we have so much fun together. I am doing eventing with her (dressage, show jumping and X country) and she is doing really well. she came from a very loving home down in Melbourne and she was well taken care of though she has change a lot as she was a little on the skinny side as she was moved from Agistments to Agistments a few time and a good wormer and a little more feed every day did the trick and know she is just beautiful. I did my first show in August 2010, and we got 3rd place so I was really happy. She loves and is good at all of the events but I must admit X country is a blast :) all ready we have formed a beautiful bond and she does really well in horsemanship. I have been able to lay down with her a few times know and boy what a special moment. I haven't managed to get a photo yet for as you can image every time you are ready with the camera she gets up but every time you don't have the camera she just stays there (LOL:) I think we were made for each other and I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful horse. Livey is only 6yrs old so as a Thoroughbred she is very full on she is a big girl standing at 16+ hands high. She loves going for a full 2-3 km gallop on the trail ride with my brothers other TB horses so as you can image it is very intense and loads of FUN!!!!!

I have had a physio massages done on livey and it has made a world of difference and she is so much happier in herself. She LOVESSSSS attention and cuddles + kisses. in other words she loves to be fussed over :)

Well I can't wait for the many more years we spend togather as we grow together

Love you Livey!:)