Kelsie's Life On The Farm

Please sit back and enjoy the storys of my life with my Family, Friends and Horses/Animals :)

    My Favorite Book-List

Books I have read:


   NAME                                          AUTHER                                                                                    

~Elsie's Womanhood                           By:    Martha Finley             

~The Pony Pals (book 1-23)                 By:      Jeanne Betancourt

~Elsie's Motherhood                            By       Martha Finley            

 ~Ten Peas in a Pod                            By       Arnold pent 3

~The hope Chest                                 By       Rebekah Wilson

~Just David                                         By        Eleanor H. Porter

~Bud and Me                                       By        Alta Abernathy                        

~ Virtues womanhood                          By  Genevieve Smith (know De-Deugd)

 ~In the World but not of the world      By   Genevieve Smith (know De-Deugd)

 ~Know body loves me                        By                   

 ~Whiter then snow                             By



~Out of Control                                    By        Wanda & Brunstetter

~Meekness                                          By       Bessemer Michigan

~Respectfulness                                  By   Bessemer Michigan

~First Impressions of God                    By         Anne Wells

~Pridence and the Millers                    By           Mildred A. Martin

~Melody a stroy of a Child                    By:           Laura E. Richards

~The Little Missionaries                       By:           Mary R. Zook

More Little Missionaries                        By:            Mary R. Zook

~Joni                                                  By:           Sue Shaw

~Ten Girls who Made History                By:            Irene Howat

~Helens Temper                                 By:

~Pulling togeather                              By:

My Top 10 Favorite Books:


~ Elsie Dinsmore                By: Martha Finley          

~Just david                       By: Eleanor H. Porter

~ No Body Loves Me      

~Helens Temper          

~Whiter then snow

~Ten Peas In a Pod            By: Arnold pent 3

~The Hope Chest               By:Rebekah Wilson

~Bud and Me                     By:Alta Abernathy                  

~ Virtues womanhood        By:  Genevieve Smith (know De-Deugd)

 ~In the World but not of the world      By:   Genevieve Smith (know De-Deugd)